Princess Lyne – Wifey Doesn’t Matter

Princess Lyne - Wifey Doesn't Matter

How is your sex life? still fucking all the time? haha.. of course not. In fact, you can’t even get it up without thinking of Me. you have to think of Me when you’re fucking your disgusting wife. Why don’t you just forget about her?? You know that fucking your hand while watching My videos is better than any sex you’ve EVER had with her anyway. I bet if your wife would see a picture of ME she would even know she doesn’t stand a chance against Me. I can convince you to do anything… My little “internet boy friend.” Hahaha.. it’s a little different than the usual relationship… see… you will NEVER fuck Me. you will NEVER get to see Me naked, but that doesn’t matter when you’re thinking of My hot bikini body whenever you two fuck (which is rare these days). We could have way more fun without your nasty hag of a wife in the way. In fact, I want you to watch Me as I make you repeat aloud over and over that your wife doesn’t matter. Say it. Again. Keep going. See… she doesn’t matter. I’m the only thing that matters anymore. you WILL leave her for Me.

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