Princess Meggerz – Forced Fuck

Princess Meggerz - Forced Fuck

Before we fuck let’s take this little blue pill, I promise a heightened sense of pleasure. That’s it, swallow it with me.Mmmm. Everything you’ve ever wanted… a sexy, creative, dominate chick fucking away on top of you. I can feel your cock getting hard as my pussy grinds up against it. Hard enough for me to put it in…Come on now, you’re not going to cum so soon…That’s okay because I know you remember that little blue pill. It wasn’t mind altering, it was Viagra. Your cock’s going to stay hard until I get as much cum from you as I want.Awe, too sensitive? Does it hurt? Tough . Every time you whine or go a little limp my gloved hand will slap you or grab your throat and choke you until your cock get as stiff as I want it. My fingers pressing into your neck controlling your life is so fucking hot it makes you throb harder. My breasts smothering your face makes your cock once again mine. I’ll let you go when I’m ready to cum because I own you.

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