Princess Mika – Edging You To Blue Balls – Perfect Princess Body Tease

Princess Mika - Edging You To Blue Balls - Perfect Princess Body Tease

Hey loser, you’re in for a treat, I am going to let you touch that pathetic little cock of yours. I’m going to tell you how to do it too. Oh and I guess I should spoil the ending right now because I want to make sure that we’re clear up front, you are not to cum during this video. No. You are not going to get that release, that pleasure, no, no, no. You’re going to edge for your Princess and you’re going to love every single stroke of it.

So take your cock out and start to jerk it for me. Follow along with my instructions very carefully as I’m going to guide your hand on how to edge that cock. And keep staring at my perfect body loser. Stare at it as you edge. Memorize every curve of my hot young body. I’m going to turn your brain to mush. I’m going to give a nice, slow sensual tease, and I want you to move your hand slowly across your cock as I tease you. You’re sooo lucky I’m letting you jerk to my body, aren’t you loser? Say, ‘Yes Princess Mika”. LOL!

Don’t jerk too fast. I’m being really nice aren’t I? I mean I’m letting you touch it while you look at me. I don’t have to make these videos for you, you know. Now keep jerking slow, look at my body. Know that by obeying my commands you’re serving your Princess and I know how badly you want to serve me.

Now pick up the pace as you stare at my perfect Princess body. I know you can’t help yourself. I know I’m driving you crazy with my body. I’m going to make you edge over and over as I tease you relentlessly. I’m going to fuck with your mind while you jerk that hard cock, building closer and closer to the edge, knowing the whole time that you’re not going to cum.

You’re so fucking lucky that you serve me. What would your life be without me? You need me, you need me to drive you crazy like this. Keep edging loser. Now stop. Hands off. Just feel your cock pulsate and throb for me. Don’t you dare touch it. Feel how torturous it is. I’m going to give you blue balls loser.

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