Princess Mika – You’ll Stare And Cling To My Every Word

Princess Mika - You'll Stare And Cling To My Every Word

Hey loser, do you wanna know something that’s super great about your addiction to me? I don’t have to do anything. I know you already feel that urge to start stroking. You felt it from the moment you saw this clip. That’s what it’s all about to you, you live to stroke. That’s all you think about, you’re like a chronic masturbator. Because your cock is so tiny. No woman wants it. So you stroke it to bring it pleasure. Look at you, mindlessly stroking already. You love stroking to me, my beautiful princess face in my beautiful princess bra, that’s all it takes. You’re so easy. I told you, I don’t really have to do anything. I’m not naked, you can’t even see all of me, and I’m not even giving you sexy jerkoff instructions.

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