Princess Nikki Brooks – Let Me Help You Ruin It – SPH JOI

Let Me Help You Ruin It - SPH JOI

Princess Nikki BrooksOh look another small penis, what a surprise. I was hoping to give some jerkoff instructions to a bigger one but I guess I’ll have to work with that. Luckily for you I have experience with small penis masturbation assistance. And I know you need it because we both know you never fuck anyone with that little thing. And yours is fucking freakishly small, I mean it’s fucking ridiculous. It’s like the size of my itty bitty pinky toe, so I think that’s what I’ll have to use to show you how to jerk it. Aww am I hurting your feelings? Well I don’t give a fuck because with a dick like that you don’t deserve to be happy. You don’t even deserve to cum. But since you are paying to have me instruct you, I guess I’ll show you. Watch as I instruct you with two fingers on my pinky toe. It’s the perfect size for me to show you how to jerk it. But look, it’s so small I can hardly even jerk it. As soon as I try to stroke it up, I’m already at the tip. I guess you have that problem as well. Maybe you should try with one finger. So here’s a technique you can try, it’s called the ‘pulsate’ jerkoff. You’re going to pulsate your two fingers on your cock. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you idiot. I’m going to have so much fun teaching you how to jerk that little thing, it’s so fucking hilarious. I can’t even call it a cock, because it’s not. And since it’s not a cock, and you can’t make a woman cum, I don’t think you should be allowed to cum either. Well keep trying to jerk it loser. Tug on it and show me those stupid faces you make as you jerk. Now jerk it fast, I’m going to give a cum countdown to a….. Ruined Fucking Orgasm! Because that’s what you and your tiny dick deserve. So when I get to one and your little penis just starts to cum, I want you to Let Go of it! Do you you understand? I want that cum dripping out with no pleasure at all to your worthless little cock.

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