Princess Stephanie’s Blackmail made EASY

Princess Stephanie's Blackmail made EASY

British Brat Princess Stephanie is sitting on her bed dressed in sexy black lacy sleepwear and expensive Louboutin high heels. She mindfucks you, dominating and blackmailing you pov style. No nudity. No sex.

“You are instantly weakened by Princess Stephanie. You want to serve her, you want to give up complete control to her but your scared, worried and unsure. Well how could you not when you set your eyes on Princess Stephanie today. With her hot, tight body and her cute, enduring looks. You are like putty in her hands. Becoming her property is what you ache for. Being her blackmail bitch is the ONLY way to show true submission.

She makes it easy. Nice and simple for you freaks. If you want to show her your serious, then today is the day you can. So STOP tip toeing around this subject. Before you have had to time to think straight all your personal information will be in Princess Stephanie’s hands. You will feel horny, anxious and good. You need to abide by her rules though loser! So listen carefully and follow my instructions.”

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