Princess Tiffani – Forced Bi Is Hot

Princess Tiffani - Forced Bi Is Hot

Do you know what I think is really sexy about you? You don’t have to be ashamed of it. I know you like cock. And I think it’s really hot! There’s nothing sexier than seeing two men sucking each other or fucking each other in the ass. Just the thought of you sucking a big cock for me really turns me on. I’m just picturing the cum dripping down your face and that is sooo sexy. It makes me so wet thinking about watching you take a huge cock up your ass. Oh yea that’s so hot! So don’t be ashamed of it, I like it when guys are comfortable with themselves and can admit how much they like cock. It’s so sexy to see a man confident with his bi self and his desires. Wouldn’t it be so hot to be sucking off a guy, with me there watching you, egging you on, getting so turned on by it? Forced bi is soooo hot! I’m getting turned on right now thinking about it, my pussy is so wet. I want you to be comfortable to be yourself with me because I think it’s sexy. I want to make it comfortable for you to engage in your hottest bi fantasies around me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a goddess who embraces your gay side and encourages you? Gay sex is so hot! I love just watching it. I won’t make fun of you, or make you feel bad about yourself for being a fag. There’s nothing wrong with being bi or wanting cock. I mean I know I’m hot, but don’t be embarrassed by the fact that you’d rather suck a cock than fuck me. I can just be there, watching, smiling, enjoying it with you. You can slobber all over that cock just like you dream about with a girl who will get so turned on by it. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Gay sex is hot! Don’t deny it. I know it’s what you really want, and I fucking love it! So go ahead, suck some cock for me, turn me on.

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