Rebecca Love – You Know I Do Not Wear Panties

Rebecca Love - You Know I Do Not Wear Panties

“I suppose you walked in at the most opportune time didn’t you? You had to catch a nice glimpse of my plump ass as I was standing up here on the kitchen counter. I don’t like to wear panties because they make those lines under my tight dress. You probably never saw what was under my dress before so I understand about that bulge in your jeans. Oh yes, I addressed that throbbing bulge. No need to be shy about it. I am kind of flattered to have such a reaction from a young guy. I know you must see plenty of hot ass walking all over that college campus. So what should we do about your situation? Your father isn’t due home from work for a few minutes which should be just enough time for a young buck like you to work a hot load out of those fully loaded balls. Go ahead and stroke that young meat stick while your horny step mama gives you a sexy show.”

Rebecca Love, wearing a black low cut dress, is setting up some new art decorations on top of the kitchen cabinet when her stepson arrives. She’s so happy to have him home for a second she forgets she’s not wearing any panties. “Where you staring at my ass when I was doing that?” She encourages him to jerk-off while spreading her legs, revealing her pussy. She frees her big boobs and teases him, massaging them. Then turns around and bends over, exposing her ass and pussy for him from behind. She finally asks him to hurry up, encouraging him to stroke himself faster and cum all over her tits before his father comes home. Once he complies she get her boobs back inside the bra while telling him she’s gonna save his cum for later because she has no time to clean it up: “He’s walking in the front door. Get out of here!”

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