Sablique’s Extreme Edging Session Part A

Sablique's Extreme Edging Session Part A

“Well, here we are…a month has passed, how do you feel? I bet you wanna get that chastity rolling off of you, don’t you? well…in order for you to be allowed to be naughty, you’re gonna have to take a couple of tests…”

Are you ready for an extreme edging and jerk off session with one of the sexiest, most gorgeous ladies alive? just the mere look of sablique’s deep blue eyes will turn you into a clay in her perfect hands, molded however she choose to. you will edge. you will drip. you’ll get teased & denied to the extreme, with your goddess’s perfect voice taunting you, her amazing eyes mesmerizing you, her flawless toes teasing the out of you. this video might be too much for you to handle. will you last all the way through this excruciating, yet so pleasurable session?

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