Samantha Paris – The Bimbo Spell

Samantha Paris - The Bimbo Spell

Hi asshole. I’m here to pick MY sister up for a night out on the town away from your macho douche bag ass! Geeze, it takes her forever to get ready! I guess I’ll just have to wait here with you *SHUDDERS*. What are watching? Girls Gone Wild? You know MY friend works at your job & she told ME you sexually harass all the women there. You’re so disgusting. What’s this? Oh its a series of ancient silver coins, that swing back & forth like this….back & forth…back & forth…you can’t take your eyes off of them. They are relaxing you…deeper…deeper…deeper still. Now this is something I have been wanting to for ages…not just for Myself but for MY long suffering sister also. MY sister told ME that you refer to ME as the *WITCH*. Well you don’t know just how right you are. I am placing a spell on you. It’s called the BIMBO spell & I am turning you into a empty headed, big tittied, fat assed, slut, that I am going to pimp out for giggles & profit. That I of course will split with my beautiful sister. Ha ha! And there is NOTHING you can do but obey MY orders, because you are TRAPPED in this new body. I think I’ll name you Bambi the Bimbo. Paybacks a Bitch! Gender Transformation, Magic Control, Spell, Trance, Hypn0, Mind Fuck, Transformation Fantasies, Transformation Fetish, Mind Control.

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