Sarah Diavola – The Brat Princess – Devil Worship

Sarah Diavola - The Brat Princess - Devil Worship

I bet Jesus doesn’t let you fuck. Come here, weak man, and meet the embrace of someone who can make all of your dreams come true. Don’t be on the fence. Jump over. Come to the other side. Indulge in your carnal pleasures and deny your stupid religion. As a matter of fact, I want you to get your foolish Bible and place it between us. The devil can recite the Bible verse by verse. I’m going to tell you exactly what types of sick, sexy, ecstatic fucking you can do without being tethered by a prude god. Don’t you want to enjoy your life? Even if you do go to hell, imagine all the fucking you can do there! Come, make love to Satan. Let the devil fuck you good and hard. Come… cum right on that Bible, you sinner. Cum to Satan. Seal your fate with a soul-stealing orgasm and turn to the dark side completely.

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