Sarah Diavola – The Brat Princess – Flying Fuck

Sarah Diavola - The Brat Princess - Flying Fuck

That’s exactly what I don’t give about your orgasm. I give so few sh1ts about it that I want to really hammer that home by making you give ALL the sh1ts about it. I’ll do that by edging you mercilessly. I’m going to build you up, sending circulation into your cock over and over, closing and opening the gates, until you’re swollen and trembling, aching to release. My body, my words, my raw dirty sexy sweaty presence compels you to listen – because, deep down, you know that you need to be denied. Blue balls is a freaky, fucked-up thrill for you. Either way, I don’t care. I don’t give a flying fuck about your orgasm, and I want to make sure you know that.

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