Shyla Jennings – Seducing my therapist

Shyla Jennings - Seducing my therapist

Clearly Shyla is not amused with having to go to therapy three times a week. Her parents think that she is a lesbian and that therapy can cure her of this “affliction.” She is just having some boy issues and she is not amused that she has to spend time in your office. Shyla is not sure if she is a lesbian or not, but isn’t that your job to figure things out for her? She suggests that she could come to see you three times a week, but instead of therapy, the two of you could have some fun together. It looks like you could use some jerking off therapy and Shyla feels that she can help you. You just have to tell her parents all the things that they want to hear. There is no way that you think Shyla would ever tell anyone about this, so you decide to whip your dick out and stroke it for her. A professional breach is only a professional breach if someone else finds out about it, so you think that you will be fine. When you see her small tits, you know that you have made the right decision. She unzips her pants and slides them off. You are excited to see that she has a bush peeking out of her panties. Shyla encourages you to keep jacking your dick and she informs you that she really wants to be covered in your cum. You reach your orgasm and deposit your seed all over pretty Shyla. You both are looking forward to your next session.

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