The Mistress B – S.A.D. Little Stroker

The Mistress B - S.A.D. Little Stroker

Are you affected by the lack of sunlight this time of year? Its cold and dark, your pathetic existence becomes even more depressing and it makes you sad. On any normal day you have every reason to be depressed with your life, but now that winter is here, it becomes even more unbearable. Silly little whore, Im not offering you a solution. I want you to be depressed. Im just suggesting an alternative for my sad, hopeless pet. Over the next four months, until Daylight Savings Time ends, you will be developing your disorder, expanding it. You will come home from work every night and sit at your computer. You will watch my clips and you will stroke. In the dark, in your shell of shame and helplessness, you will stroke. You will embrace the long, depressing darkness and you will sit in it and stroke. Stroke, stroke, stroking all the time, becoming even more pathetic, submissive, depressed. You will be sad, but eventually youll become numb, hollow. Your eyes will glaze over, your tongue will loll to one side of your open mouth. You will become a chronic masturbator stroking in the dark, in your own cocoon of lonely depression. In the spring you will emerge refreshed and reborn, but for now, you will weep, you will goon and you will stroke.


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