Trillium – Cum for me, stepdaddy

Trillium - Cum for me, stepdaddy

Trillium thanks you for the gym membership that you bought her. The guys at her old gym freaked her out so much. The new gym is much better and her plan is to make her ass fatter and her stomach flatter. You do approve of this plan, but she is already well on her way to a great ass. Trillium asks you why you are even with her mom because she feels that her mom is mean to you. To thank you, her stepdad, for the gym membership, she wants to give you a little something special. Would you like a private show with your cute stepdaughter when her mom is out of the house? Trillium would be happy to accommodate you. You silently agree and the bulge in your pants definitely gives away your agreement. She lifts up her bra and you get to see her perky, little boobs. Now it is your turn: take your dick out. To help you through your jack off journey, Trillium strips down and shows off her ample bush. Her fat pussy lips and hairy bush are the perfect combination as for as you’re concerned and you rub your hand up and down your hard cock. Trillium promises that she will do anything to make you cum and just knowing that is just about enough to put you over the edge. She begs you to cum on her tits and you coat them with your stepdaddy sperm.

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