Trillium – We might get caught!

Trillium - We might get caught!

You are crazy if you think that Trillium is going to fuck you right now. There is a chance that you could get caught, but if you can be quick, you can rub out a quick one while Trillium teases you. She takes off her top and you see her small tits with puffy nipples. Then she stands to slide off her pants. Your dick is in your hand and you are stroking yourself to her sexy body. Trillium confesses that the thought of getting caught in the act is a big turn on for her. She rubs her pussy through her panties and then she slides them to the side to work her pussy some more. She has fat pussy lips that would wrap around your dick so perfectly. Then she turns around and removes her panties so that you can look at her round ass while she finger fucks herself. As her fingers move around her pussy you can hear how wet she has become. You are absolutely turned on by her hairy bush and she can tell you will soon be ready to pop for her. You cannot cum yet, though, so keep yourself under control until Trillium tells you to cum. Stroke yourself a little bit faster…faster…yes, pick up the pace. How do your balls fill? Are you ready to cum all over Trillium? Jerk that dick nice and fast and spill your load all over Trillium.


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