Trixie Miss – Beta Bitch Training

Trixie Miss - Beta Bitch Training

You cant keep up a false ego around me for long, I can see right through you. No more kidding yourself and acting like you actually hold an ounce of confidence around me. One look into my eyes and you know thats far from the truth. You are a submissive sub male acting like a lost puppy because you need an owner to serve and be guided by. I easily bring out your true nature and make you realize that being kept in your place is what you crave. Its what you NEED. It’s time you show me on a daily basis that you know what you really are and where you belong. You will be trained to put my pleasure far before your own by limiting your orgasms how I say, worshiping how I say, and tributing how I say. Prostrate yourself before me and grovel for this opportunity to serve and be trained as the beta bitch you are.

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