Twins Brooke Marie & Vikki Lynn – The “Rescued” Hero

Twins Brooke Marie & Vikki Lynn - The "Rescued" Hero

Wow hero that was quite the daring rescue we preformed for you. Only two of the best people saving you. The very best. Are you okay? Oh don’t worry it’s best if you stay tied up for now. We just have to do a few protocol things first…Follow the rule book.

Just when you think you were recused by the top agents…you realize it’s the top villains. We’ve seen you catching glances at us…and thinking we were saving you. MMM. It’s so mesmerizing for you already, We want you watching us, I see your hands tied up right next to your cock…so why don’t you touch yourself for us

It’s just us…no news cameras will be here…just us. Stroke it for us. Up and down. Watching our asses swaying back and forth. Doesn’t that feel good? You are going to cum for us today… and you will forever… be… ours. Ready to do whatever we ask.

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