Veronica Ricci – you HAVE NO CHANCE, CUM IN your PANTS

Veronica Ricci - you HAVE NO CHANCE, CUM IN your PANTS

So SPOILED, so MEAN, and SO MUCH HOTTER than any Woman you’ll ever be with, the HEART-STOPPING VIXEN and BALL-BREAKING TORMENTRESS VERONICA RICCI returns AT LAST!! Which spells nothing but HUMILIATION and late-night SWEATY STROKING for small-dicked losers like you, jackoff! Goddess VERONICA is the mean, unobtainable HOT GIRL you’ve spent your whole miserable life lusting after, and of course never getting any. “This dipshit’s had a crush on me since HIGH SCHOOL, LOL! Hey scumbag, go sniff my shoes while I MAX OUT your CREDIT CARD!” She giggles and chats with Her friend, like you’re not even there. “He pays me a THOUSAND dollars a week!
At least ugly guys are good for SOMETHING! LOL!” She takes PICTURES of you to PROVE how UGLY you are to Her friend! “Here, you wanna see me DESTROY him??” What ensues is one of the most humiliating and AMAZING clips We’ve ever produced! First you’re FORCED to WORSHIP GODDESS VERONICA’S SWEATY ASS, after HANDING OVER your WALLET like a meek loserboy, but not before BEGGING out loud for the PRIVILEGE of kissing and SMELLING HER incredible butt! You’re then ignored as Veronica counts HER cash with HER ASS in your face. you get distracted by HER sexy feet and SHE orders you back to HER ASS! She chats with Her friend about Their weekend, totally ignoring your loser self. Then Her friend has a good suggestion! “LOL! Hey SHITHEAD! My friend wants you to JERKOFF so we can LAUGH!” Your made to stare and drool at Evil Veronica’s sexy feet, while She eggs you on and ridicules you. See how long you can last with Veronica’s teasing, mean FEET IN YOUR FACE, mocking you as She withdraws your very SOUL for Her friend’s amusement. The SPH (small penis humiliation, as if YOU didn’t know that! LOL!!) is intense, as you’re FORCED to show the LAUGHING BRATTY GODDESSES just how small your pathetic penis is. Believe it or not, things only get WORSE and MORE humiliating, just like they SHOULD for a pindick wanker like you! Veronica TRAINS you, forcing you to repeat all kinds of HUMILIATING things, all the while filming and ridiculing you in front of Her friend! No man would put up with this, and no loser can resist it! But We know you’re not a man, and you don’t deserve Girls like Veronica, or ANY girls in fact. So stoke your tiny dick and get addicted to what WE like doing to rejects and sad little guys who aren’t worth the time of day – your utter and total HUMILIATION, loser dick!

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