Violet Doll – Give In

Violet Doll - Give In

Webcam Domme Goddess Violet Doll is wearing a black see through spider-web fishnet body suit and corset that shows off her huge tits and mesmerizing cleavage. As haunting music plays in the background and subliminal audio and visual effects distract your mind, She speaks to you POV style in this hypnosis/brainwash clip. You stare at her breasts and cleavage and listen to her mesmerizing words she makes you become her submissive toy. No sex. No nudity.

“Your basic goals in life are nothing but a facade. The days are a blur, yet you keep working away. Working for what? You’re never satisfied and there’s no end in sight. Beneath it all you have a secret fantasy. An urge to put an end to this meaningless rat race. Are you ready to embrace true enlightenment? I’ll fulfill your fantasy. Your destiny awaits.”

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