Violet Doll – Shut Up & Spend Lingerie Tease

Violet Doll - Shut Up & Spend Lingerie Tease

Webcam Domme Goddess Violet Doll teases and taunts you verbally while she flashes you with her extremely big tits and bubble butt while she is dressed in some very hot lingerie. She taunts you while you become mesmerized by her hot body in this POV style financial domination clip. No sex. No nudity.

“Today we’re going to talk about what a needy little asshole you’ve become. It’s time for you to be retrained, because somehow you have the ridiculous notion in your little brain that your needs matter. So let’s get a few things straight. I don’t care about you. I don’t care about your needs, your fetishes, your problems, your family. I just don’t give a fuck! You’re not My boyfriend. You’re not important to Me. You’re not even worthy of watching this video. You exist only to serve Me. You’re here to make sure I get everything I want in life. So stop bothering Me with your bullshit. Look at Me. You want My attention? If you want Me to acknowledge your pathetic existence, SHUT UP & SPEND. The only thing about you that matters to Me is your money, and your money is better off spent on Me.”

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