Violet Monroe – Getting off for my step daughter

Violet Monroe - Getting off for my step daughter

Is it okay if Violet calls you “daddy” even though you are just her step father? She tells you that she has sexual thoughts about you. Would you like to fool around with Violet today? She wants to see your cock, so you take it out and show her your equipment. She is impressed, so she tells you to start rubbing yourself. Now she will show you her tits. You love perky breasts and hers certainly are perky. They seem to be a nice B cup and you would love to cup your hands around them. Do you want to see how our jerking off has made Violet’s pussy wet? She shows you and you can see her beautiful, meaty pussy and you just want to ram your dick into her. It has been years since you have seen such a pretty pussy. Things only get better when you are given a look at her ass. Violet asks you to spank her and cum on her ass. She also tells you that she would love to have you in her ass and you almost lose it right then and there! What are you waiting for, daddy? Your step daughter is asking you to give her your sticky load and you do not want to disappoint her. You jerk faster and faster until you let go all of your hot cum on her pretty face.

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