Worship Goddess Jasmine – Fag for P0pp3rs 4K

Worship Goddess Jasmine - Fag for P0pp3rs 4K

Inhaling Akyll Nitrates is your escape. It’s your route to fulfil all your deepest, darkest fantasies like cock. To get high and horny you forget just what a huge loser you really are. You forget about your dull, boring vanilla life and your mind is full of meaty, juicy, suckable cock. You lose all your inhibitions and take yourself to places you have never been before. Teasing, tormenting and controlling your every hit I push you further and deeper into submission. I stimulate your weak spots and edge you powerless. I know how much you love cock and I only want to encourage that obsession even more. Hit that bottle and imagine cock. Imagine being on your knees and your mouth wrapped around a nice big cock. I know you want to hit that bottle again, go on deep inhale for me fag. I corrupt your mind and it feels so good. I want to hear all your fag confessions and I want you the highest you have ever been for me. Sniff, sniff and sniff fag.

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