Worshipping Mia Li’s perfect ass

Worshipping Mia Li's perfect ass

Can you tell that Mia has been doing squats? Her fantastic ass supports your suspicion. You told her that her ass was too small, so Mia did lots of squats to build up a perfect ass. Focus on Mia’s ass and stroke your cock because that is what Mia wants to see. Knowing how much you want her to sit on your face, she demonstrates how she will move and grind all over you with her ass right on your mouth. Your veiny dick has her turned on. She loves watching you play with your cock, but you have to prove yourself today to get her to sit on your face. Think about how good it would feel to slide your dick in between her strong ass cheeks and stroke yourself hard. A fat load will impress Mia, so be sure to work out a good load. Pump that shaft and give Mia your cum right now!

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