Xev Bellringer – Transformed Boss Into Slutty Bimbo

Xev Bellringer - Transformed Boss Into Slutty Bimbo

Upper management had me come to your house tonight to inform you that you no longer have a job with the company. This folder contains severance details, so take a look at it when you have a chance…what? You want to offer me a drink?…hmm, that’s not very professional…but…alright., just one.
Oh wow this tastes….How odd, these glasses don’t seem to work anymore…what’s going on! Ah!!

What…like, what happened?? What did you, like, put in that drink!? Oh my gawd, I feel so…different! But so good! Wow, like, I feel so sexy now! I was such a lame prude before…Mmm but now all I want to do is get men off, it’s gonna be so easy. You should totally take it out, c’mon I know you want to. But you have to stroke it like I tell you to!

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