You are only allowed to cum when she says so

Miss Lilly Lynn -JOI with metronome control

Lilly edges and controls you, wearing a robe with lingerie underneath, and even getting naked and pleasuring herself in some parts. The rules: You are only allowed to cum when she says so. Lilly is in complete control, you can only touch your cock when and how she says, and must stop when she says. If you can last until the end and don\’t cum when you aren\’t allowed, you get a reward – you get to cum together with Lilly. If you don\’t make it, and orgasm when you aren\’t supposed to… you have to ruin your orgasm and start from the beginning. For the first 10 minutes, she will tease you, getting you hard while rarely letting you stroke your cock. For the last 20 minutes: From here on out, a metronome will be used to show you the pace that you\’re allowed to stroke your cock. Lilly will tease you excruciatingly, trying to get you to cum when you aren\’t supposed to, saying that you aren\’t allowed, but fingering herself right in front of you, or saying you are allowed but slowing the stroking pace. Can you handle it, can you last? If you make it, the ending has a nice mutual orgasm waiting for you.

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